Brother Printer WiFi Setup

Brother printers are widely used printers these days as they offer high-quality printing. You can use this printer for office, home, workgroups and with the desktop. The design given by these printers are excellent and amazing. These printers provide superior quality printing solutions. It comes in two basic colors that are white and black.

If you want to use the printer on a computer or desktop then you have a CD ROM given within the box of the printer. This CD ROM has all the software and drivers needed to install the printer in the computer. You can install the printer without using the CD. You will have the knowledge of how to do this as some times this might be the case that you lost the CD. When you connect the printer to the computer then it automatically download drivers for the printer. You can also download the file and drivers manually from the internet. You can perform the brother printer wifi setup through two methods. One is wired method and another is wireless method.

Listed below is a wired method and following that described is brother printer wifi setup.

  1. Take a USB or you can also use cable. By using this cable, connect the printer to the desktop port.

  2. Switch on the brother printer by pressing its power button. Power button is located on the front of the printer. A window opens up in front of you. Click on the next button to finish the installation of new hardware.

  3. Launch a web browser and open the website for brother printer to set it up. Your computer must be connected to the internet.

  4. A home page opens up. Click on the support.

  5. Go to the Software Downloads and click with the help of the mouse.

  6. Select the model number and the series for your printer model from the drop down list.

  7. If you do not know the model number of your printer then take help from us in this regard. Go to view and click on it. You will get some links.

  8. See the driver information installing on the operating system by clicking on the driver information link.

  9. Download the file for your printer model. When the download is finished, open the file and follow the instructions to install it on your computer system.

  10. To do verification that the printer has been installed successfully or not, print a document.

If you don’t have a USB connection available then you can make use of brother printer wifi setup.

Before configuring the wireless settings for printer:

  • You must know your wireless network settings of the WLAN access point/router.
  • Check the network name and security key for the printer.
  • The Network Name for the same can be Service Set ID and ESSID is Extended Service set ID
  • Network Key

If you are having any trouble managing brother printer wifi setup, you can always call our support team to assist you. Our experts are online through the live chat window.

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